I knew I was writer before I knew I was anything else. Journals, poetry notes, fiction, plays, feature news writing. With an educational background in journalism, creative writing and art history it’s a good thing I became a writer/creator. Every other job I worked in either found me writing prodigiously in it or about it, whether I was cleaning kennels, managing production in community newspapers, headhunting executive level US healthcare professionals. It all came down to communicating.

There are a few things I believe in as core truths about human and geographic interaction in the world.

1. Authenticity has been important long before it became a self-help movement.

2. People interact with places, people and concepts in deeply mysterious and powerful ways, and getting to the underneathness is what informs the best communication.

3.  Anam Cara, or ‘soul friendship‘, is all around us. Defined as ‘soul light’, tapping into anam cara when it is discovered can uncover profound levels of meaning and by traveling and meeting each other, and meeting our ‘world’, we open ourselves to transformative change.

4. We can significantly impact the way other people will interact with a place, people or concept by how we communicate about it, either positively or negatively.

Over the last 13 years I have had the unique privilege to be one of the first to introduce a place, people and way of life to a global audience through the creation of my regional portal web site for the Sunshine Coast, www.bigpacific.com. Through the synergy of technology, inspiration, and a passionate desire to share what makes my corner of the world so captivating, I had the privilege of creating one of the Internet’s first interactive, visual, and creative web sites about a PLACE.

The advantages of creating such a site so early in the Internet’s adoption by regular people, in 1997, have provided a unique environment to test the power of communication to transform a community and an entire way of life. The before 1997 and after 1997 are two starkly different realities for the Sunshine Coast, at a time when the Internet was mostly newsgroup discussion and military/educational web sites meant that something so visual and so rare had the kind of reach one can’t buy today.

Bigpacific.com shows the world our community, and showed our often fractiously competitive entities that by looking outside of our region there was an abundance in the world we could benefit from. As the owner of Bigpacific.com I was lucky enough to have a part of not only introducing the Sunshine Coast to the world, but also to help the community grow in sustainable ways – information that is in my bio.

Today as my children enter their teen years, I am free to follow the whims of soul light on a range of topics, from travel to technology to new horizons in the way we as human beings connect with each other and our environments.

What an adventure!